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Shower Protection

Arm Cover

Firstar’s plastic shower cover provides water protection in the shower and even on rainy days. The Firstar covers are intended for use by patients with leg casts, bandages, skin conditions, PIC lines etc.

Firstar covers are made in China from top quality materials and certified to the strict standards of the FDA and CE.  Their ease of use allows patients to wear and remove them unaided. Covers are latex free and suited for 4-6 weeks of daily use. Not recommended for swimming or diving activities.

Application and Usage

Simply slip the cover onto the leg until it covers the bandage or cast completely.

Do not adjust the cover while in the shower, to prevent water from getting in.

Firstar covers are suited for use in the shower, but not intended for swimming and diving.

After the shower, it is best to dry the cover and the area above it with a towel before removing the cover, to prevent water from flowing onto the leg after removal.

To dry the cover, simply hang it up in the shower. Do not dry using any other means.

The covers are made from high-quality materials, certified to the strictest quality standards and latex free.

Arm Cover-Adult (up to 36 cm)

Palm up to 36 cm


Arm Cover-Adult (up to 56 cm)

Half-Hand up to 56 cm


Arm Cover-Adult (up to 107 cm)

Full-Hand up to 107 cm


Arm Cover-Child (Up to 50 cm)

Up to 50 cm