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Magicast Splint

Magicast Splint

The Magicast splint is made of one layer of polymer hardening material (the same material used in Magicast), wrapped in a soft fleece sleeve. The splint comes sealed in a vacuum pack and is available in a variety of lengths and widths.

Available for purchase and installation only at the professional clinics

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Maximum Flexibility

The high quality materials used in the splint make it very flexible and easy to apply in any medical case: around the elbow, ankle, knee etc. The splint can be easily trimmed to follow any bend in the arm or leg.

Hard Material

The inner layer is made from the same materials used in Magicast: it is a mesh made from natural materials and soaked in a special polymer that hardens after being immersed in water. Once the material hardens, it cannot revert to its soft state. This is the hardest of all the other splinting products available on the market today – it cannot be broken or bent during everyday use by the patient.

High Permeability

The splint’s perforated structure and unique materials (the same principles used in Magicast) allow X-rays to penetrate it and eliminate the need to remove it before performing an X-ray scan and lower the radiation dose required, thus minimizing health risks and contributing to the patient’s speedy recovery.

Storage Instructions

  • Keep goods in a clean storeroom. Maintain a temperature lower than 30° C and keep away from direct sunlight.

  • During storage, products must be turned upside down every two months!

  • Be sure to use the FIFO method.