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Swim Protection

Ostomy Cover

The DryPro Vacuum Abdomen Protector is a large rubber belt (available in 5 different sizes) that completely covers the sensitive area. The protector is intended for use by patients with ostomies, PEG tubes and similar devices in the abdominal region, who wish to conceal the “bag” or protect the area from water.

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The pocket also contains a one-way valve. Using the included pump, air can be sucked out of the protector through the valve, to create a vacuum and test the product’s integrity.

The ostomy protector allows patients to shower with complete confidence and no fear of getting the area wet. Patients can even swim and dive in the pool or ocean, despite their medical condition. Of course, these activities must be approved the patient’s physician (some patients are prohibited from entering the swimming pool for reasons other than contact with water, such as the presence of bacteria or various chemicals in the water).

The ostomy protector is made of durable rubber (contains latex) that can be stretched to up to 6 times its original size. Shaped like a belt, the protector’s openings are narrower than the area it covers. This helps the protector fit tightly onto the abdomen and seal it completely. The pump that comes with the protector sucks the air from inside it through a special valve, tightening it around the abdomen and creating a vacuum. The vacuum also makes it difficult for the patient to remove the protector while in the water, and makes any air that enters the belt very easy to spot.

Checking the product’s water-tightness is therefore very simple: no air means no water!

The wide range of available sizes means the protectors can be used by both children and adults.

The protector can be used by patients of all ages. It is, however, necessary to measure the abdomen to find the correct size that would allow the patient to get in the water comfortably and with complete confidence!

Finding the right size

The ostomy protector is available in 5 different sizes and intended for use by patients with ostomies, PEG tubes and similar devices in the abdominal region. The ostomy protector allows these patients to swim in the pool without fear of contaminating the sensitive area or the water in the pool.

To find the correct size, measure the circumference of your abdomen in the region of your medical line.






Once you have performed the measurements:


Application and Usage

The DryPro protector was developed using cutting edge technologies that allow easy application and removal. All DryPro products come is a number of sizes and can be fitted perfectly to patients of different ages.


The ostomy protector is put on like a skirt. Simply step into it and pull it up. It is important to make sure that the protector covers the ostomy completely and that nothing sticks out from underneath it.

To check that you are wearing the protector correctly and have achieved a proper seal, use the pump to create a vacuum before you enter the water.

The protector is removed through the legs.

Ostomy protector measurement and application instructions video