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Swim Protectors

The DryPro series includes special vacuum protectors that allow patients to shower, swim and dive in the pool or ocean, despite their conditions. DryPro protectors are suitable for people with orthopedic casts, PIC lines, PICCs, prosthetics, skin conditions, diabetic foot, severe wounds, stomata etc.

DryPro was invented in 1985 by Dr. Frederick George, a surgeon who specialized in sports medicine. When treating athletes who had undergone surgery, Dr. Frederick found that preventing dressings or casts from getting wet accelerated recovery and healing. The product he developed kept the operated limb dry and allowed patients to undergo hydrotherapy – a treatment that would have been impossible for them without DryPro.

Before DryPro, patients had used various improvised (and ineffective) methods, such as plastic bags held in place by rubber bands. Dr. Frederick’s new product provided the perfect solution for the wetness problem.

The result of rigorous research and numerous trials, DryPro is made from durable latex and can be stretched up to 6 times its size. It is fitted with a reliable, waterproof, one-way valve and comes with an easily operable pump for creating the vacuum and improving the seal.

DryPro’s immense popularity is owed to the simple fact that it always works!

The product is completely watertight, allowing the patient to shower, bathe, swim and dive with complete confidence, and even in the company of other swimmers and surfers. DryPro also allows patients with prosthetic legs to shower standing up, saving them the discomfort of removing the prosthesis.

DryPro’s high quality products have been approved by the FDA and the Israeli Ministry of Health (Dept. of Medical Devices Certification No. 2141-0001).