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Shower Protectors

Firstar’s high-quality plastic shower covers provide water protection in the shower, on rainy days and in other, similar situations.

The Firstar covers are intended for use by patients with arm or leg casts, bandages, skin conditions, PIC lines etc. The product improves the patient’s quality of life, as it eliminates the discomfort of being unable to enter wet environments, keeping the arm or leg dry and allowing patients to shower with complete confidence.

Firstar arm (but not leg) covers can be used in the swimming pool when wading through or standing in the water, but are not intended for diving and swimming activities.

The covers are made in China and certified to the highest quality standards in the western world (FDA, CE). The manufacturer, Firstar, specializes in medical aids and markets its products in numerous countries around the world.

The Firstar covers are available in several sizes for a perfect fit for every patient.

Hand covers are available for patients who only need to cover their hands. Similarly, short-arm protectors cover the arm to the elbow and long-arm covers protect the entire arm up to the armpit.

Leg protectors come in three lengths: the foot cover covers the foot only, the short-leg cover protects the leg from foot to knee, and the long-leg size covers the entire leg, all the way to the crotch.

Child sizes are also available.

  • The product is very user friendly and patients can use it unaided.
  • Firstar covers are latex free and reusable for 4-5 weeks.