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Procast-orthopedic Water Friendly Cast

Magicast is the world’s most advanced orthopedic “cast”, with unique advantages for both the patient and medical staff.

Megicast’s main advantage is that it is 100% water-friendly! Patients can shower, bathe and swim in the pool or ocean with no limitations! Just get in and enjoy the water, and make sure to shower and wash off the salt-water when you come out, to prevent irritation.Magicast dries rapidly after contact with water.

Magicast is a fracture splinting product unlike anything on the market today. In fact, its emergence has been compared to the invention of the wheel in terms of its contribution to the advancement of the fracture splinting field!

Magicast comes in a kit, prepackaged by size. In it are 2 mesh sleeves. The first is a padding sleeve made from moisture-wicking materials. The second sleeve is made from unique polymers that harden after the sleeve is fitted over the fractured limb, taking the exact shape of the limb and meeting the splinting requirements determined by the physician.

The Advantages of Magicast :

  • Easy and quick to apply – the entire application process takes no more than 5 minutes, regardless of the medical specifics.
  • Well ventilated – prevents skin irritation and unpleasant odors.
  • Quick-dry – a widely spaced mesh that dries rapidly.
  • Lightweight – one of the world’s lightest synthetic “casts”.
  • X-Ray permeable – X-ray scans can be performed without removing the cast.

Since its arrival, Magicast has become a favorite of healthcare professionals in Israel and worldwide. One of the many reasons for its popularity is that it does not hamper medical procedures and is incredibly pliable and easy to work with. Some physicians have compared working with Magicast to sculpting.

The Magicast series also includes splints, made from the same lightweight, convenient materials as the “cast”. The splint is a hardening layer that comes pre-wrapped in soft padding. All that is left to do is dip it in water and apply it to the injured limb – quick and easy.